Teenage Jargon is a Hurdle for Brand Protection

French Connection UK, also known as The World's Biggest FCUK, has been getting away with racy campaigns for years. Plastering the f-word in most suggestive combinations on shop windows, street posters or celebrities’ outfits has proved a profitable business.

The Chamber of Patent Disputes has suggested that cashing on the infantile joy in breaking social taboos will not work in Russia. It recently cancelled the registration of the brand ‘Barenzev Chiksi’ used on packets of crisps. For teenagers the word ‘chiksi’ – and this was news to the RussianLawOnline.Com’s aged editors – means young women of loose moral standing. Though the brand owners tried to argue that the word is also an obscure shipbuilders' term referring to a certain part of a boat’s structure, the Chamber's arbiters - perhaps even older and grumpier than this magazine's staff - found it too obscene to be protected by law.