Formation of a limited liability company.

Limited liability company can be founded by one person, either Russian or foreign, a legal entity or an individual. An LLC cannot have as the only shareholder a company, which itself has only one shareholder. As noted a LLC cannot have more than 50 participants. For state registration of an LLC following documents must be submitted to the local tax inspection:
  • The application in an approved form. The application must be signed by an applicant and the signature must be witnessed by a Russian notary.
  • The decision to set up the company signed by all founders.
  • The founding contract signed by all founders if the company is founded by two or more persons.
  • The company's charter approved by the founders.
  • An extract from the register of legal persons or a similar document which evidences the existence and legal capacity of the founder, a foreign company.
  • A document evidencing that the state duty has been paid (currently 2,000 roubles).