Limited liability company : disclosure requirements.

LLC: Disclosure requirements.

The following information about a LLC is in the company registrar:

- company's name, its registered address and the way of formation (incorporation of a new company or a reorganisation);
- information about the company's participants (shareholders);
- original or certified copies of the founding documents;
- legal predecessors;
- dates of amendments to the founding documents;
- if the company is liquidated, the reason (liquidation and reorganisation);
- amount of the charter capital;
- information about a person who can act on the company's behalf without a power of attorney;
- company's licenses;
- location of the company's branches and representative offices;
- company's taxpayer number;
- information about directions of economical activity of the company;
- numbers and dates of the company registration in the State Pension Fund, the Social Security Fund, the Obligatory Medical Insurance Fund;
- company's bank accounts.

An LLC must inform the registrar about every change of the information within three days. Information, contained in the register under exception of the passport details of shareholders and the company's bank accounts, can be provided to every member of public upon his written application. The State duty is 200 rubles or rubles 400 in case of expedited service.

Generally, an LLC is not under obligation to publish reports on its activity.