Joint-stock company: founding documents.

The company founders conclude a founding contract and approve the company's charter.
Founding contract.

The founding contract is concluded in writing and determines activities related to: the creation of the company; amount of the charter capital; categories and types of shares to be placed with the founders; the amount and procedure for their payment; the rights and duties of the founders relating to the creation of the company. The contract is not deemed to be the company's constituent document.


The charter must contain:

- the full and abbreviated name of the company and the company's address;
- the type of the company (open or closed);
- number, par value, categories (ordinary, preferred) of shares and class of preferred shares placed by the company;
- rights of shareholders who own shares of each category (class);
- size of the company's chartered capital;
- structure and competence of the company's management bodies and the decision making procedure for them;
- procedure for the preparation and holding of the general meeting of shareholders, including the list of issues to be decided by the company's management bodies by a majority vote or unanimously;
- information about branches and representations of the company.

The charter may contain other provisions that do not contravene the law.

Whenever a company amends its charter, a copy of the charter in its altered form witnessed by a notary must be filed with a relevant tax office.