Pharmaceuticals executives found guilty of counterfeit

Tatyana Bryntsalova, a former director of JSC Bryntsalov A and a sister of pharmaceutical tycoon Vladimir Bryntsalov, and three other former company executives were found guilty of counterfeiting over 50 brands of medicine.

Tatyana Bryntsalova received a 5 year suspended sentence; the other three offenders also received suspended sentences of four and five years. 'Reformation of criminal defendants is possible without imprisonment, and the court, therefore, decided to suspend the sentence', the court's verdict says. The offenders will also be fined 30,000-50,000 roubles (about USD$900-1500). The prosecutor's office stated that it is satisfied with the sentences, though it would have preferred to see the wrongdoers serve real jail time, RIA NOVOSTI reports.

According to investigators, Bryntsalov A manufactured 200 tons of medicines worth 80 million roubles (about USD$2.5 million) in 2004 and 2005, without the permission of the patent holders or the Russian Health Ministry. The company had its own printing press to package counterfeit products, which products then were distributed through sham companies.

The court hearing began in December 2007 after a 20-months investigation.


April 6, 2009.