Pay, Then Go

The Supreme Court has ruled that foreign nationals convicted in Russia can serve their sentence at home only if they compensate their victims.

The Supreme Court has handed down the decision on the petition of a Ukrainian citizen serving his term in jail in Siberia. The convict asked to be allowed to be sent home to Ukraine. However, he had debts: according to his sentence he must pay a significant amount of money to the victims. He promised to collect the required amount at home and send to his victims in Russia, arguing that this would be easier for him.

The court dismissed his petition saying that 'Ukraine, as is evident from the response of the Ukraine’s Deputy Minister of Justice, cannot guarantee the payment’ and Mr D-ko’s claims are just ‘empty promises’.

Last year civil damages from crime reached $1 billion, including about $300 million to individuals. Statistically convicts pay off about a quarter of the amount.