October 17

Telenor v Alfa: in bed with enemy

Alfa Group wins, Russian law pays. Read more: http://www.russianlawonline.com/content/telenor-v-alfa-bed-enemy

The State will back victims of stock market fraud

Violation of stock-holders’ rights and stock market manipulation will be a criminal offence. Read more: http://www.russianlawonline.com/stock-market-violation-russia-crime

Law against organised crime tightened

Law strengthening criminal liability for the connection to organised crime. It might work. Read more: http://www.russianlawonline.com/new-law-against-organized-crime-russia

The Browder Defense

William Browder, the head of Hermitage Capital, the largest portfolio investor in Russia just a couple of years ago, was charged on Thursday with tax evasion and illegal buying of Gazprom stocks. Read more: http://www.russianlawonline.com/hermitage-capital-browder-corruption-gre...