New Pragmatism

Economic criminals will be able to buy their way out of punishment. The Russian President Dmitry Medvedev has announced changes to the Criminal Code which will move a significant part of crimes outside the incarnation system. Felony should become an expensive thing to do. Justice Minister Alexander Konovalov called this reform the "pragmatism" of criminal law.

Those who committed minor or average economic crimes will be exempt from prosecution in exchange for a fee of five times the cost of the damage. Thus, the punishment for smuggling or tax evasion will be not imprisonment as it is now but a fine.

The law also decriminalizes several offences. Libel and slander, including such cases in respect of a judge, prosecutor or investigator, will no longer be subject to criminal law.

People who committed minor crimes - for which at present the offender can end up in jail for 3 years – will not usually be imprisoned. Other punishments, including compulsory labour with up to ¾ of the earnings withhold, will be used.