Man and wife

Two Russian women Irina Fet and Irina Shipitko entered a marriage in Canada on October 25. Earlier they attempted to legalise their relationship in Russia but were refused the state registration. In the beginning of October a court in Moscow confirmed that the State Office of Civil Registrations (ZAGS) was right when declined their application for marriage.

Irina and Irina intend to seek recognition of their marriage in Russia.

Indeed, Russian law prohibits same sex marriages. However, the issue is more complicated, and the position of two Irinas is not as hopeless as it might seem.

Although the law does not permit the registration of a marriage between two men or two women, marriages between foreign nationals legally entered abroad are, generally speaking, recognized in Russia.

Recognition of a relationship as marriage becomes critical to such far from romance things as, for example, inheritance, taxation, or permission not to testify against a spouse.

Thus, two Canadians residing in Russia who registered a marriage in Canada will be in a more favourable position in the eyes of Russian law compared to a Russian couple in a similar relationship on a number of matters including, for instance, the division of property located on the Russian territory.

Why Russia discriminates against its own citizens is the question sooner or later to be answered.



October 27, 2009