Is St. Petersburg a Homophobic City?

A first man has been fined for the violation of new St. Petersburg law banning ‘promotion of homosexuality and pedophilia among minors’. The Justice of the Peace has found activist Nikolai Alekseyev guilty of violating the law and imposed on him a $150 penalty.

On April 12, Mr Alekseyev was arrested during a single rally. How a one-man stand in front of mayor’s office with a placard stating 'homosexuality is not a perversion - perversions are hockey on grass and ballet on ice' can constitute brainwashing our children into becoming gays is beyond reason.

What has become clear, however, is that the law, despite of what its proponents say, is not about children but about gays. It is also clear now is that a long and rambunctious brawl, both in and out of the court room, has begun. The only significant outcome of this battle will be the label of a homophobic city sticking to St. Petersburg for a long time.