Let Them Choose: Black, Black or Black


Russia has announced nominees for the post of Judge of the European Court of Human Rights. All three candidates are experts in commercial law. Business disputes, however, comprise a tiny fraction, no more than 2%, of all cases considered by the court.

The Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe (PACE) will have to pick from professor of commercial law Andrey Bushev and two judges of the Supreme Commercial Court, Dmitry Dedov and Lyudmila Novoselova.

According to the PACE recommendations, all candidates must have experience in the field of human rights. Also, the selection procedure is expected to be public. Non-governmental organisation should have their say about official candidates and suggest their own.

Moscow Helsinki Group, a human rights heavyweight, has already complained to the PACE that it did not have a chance to put forward a number of prominent activists and sent a formal letter of disagreement with how Russia’s Ministry of Justice handled the selection process.

The term at the court of Anatoly Kovler, who represented Russia in the ECHR from 2004, will expire on 31 October 2012.