Intellectual Property Court

A special court for intellectual property disputes is to be set up by February 2013. This court, embedded in the system of commercial (arbitrazh) courts, will hear cases on intellectual property rights, including those challenging statutory instruments on IP, in the first instance and cassation. Thereafter cases can be brought to the Supreme Commercial Court for an appeal.

At the moment, courts of law have several divisions comprised of judges who specialize in certain categories of disputes, like companies, taxes, contracts and so on. The idea of the Intellectual Property Court seems to be that this specialization isn’t good enough and that the IP trials need a structure of their own.

As well as focusing competent resources in one place, the creation of the patent court – as it has been dubbed - has the reputated purpose to show that copyright issues are taken seriously. This court located in Skolkovo near Moscow - a long way from the traditional research centres in St. Petersburg, Novosibirsk or Snezhinsk in the Urals but close to foreign investors.