In the Innovative Future Officials will Speak Foreign Languages

From 2014 all senior officials will be required to know a foreign language at a level sufficient to communicate without an interpreter. This requirement is included in the draft of the document called ‘Strategy of Innovative Development of Russia until 2020’.

By 2012, all state bodies will create ‘full English versions’ of their Internet sites, so that foreign internet users will be provided with ‘relevant information about the [state] policy’. All federal laws governing business activities in Russia will be translated into English.

‘Strategy - 2020’ was developed at the request of Prime Minister Vladimir Putin and was considered at the Cabinet meeting on September 7, 2011.

The document is not a legal act. It is merely ‘the strategy of innovative development is designed to respond to the challenges facing Russia and threats in the sphere of innovation development, seeking to build a clear agenda of goals, priorities and instruments of the state innovation policy’.