Government Will Pay for Crime

The Investigative Committee, aka Russian FBI, has prepared a draft law ‘About Victims of Crime’. If passed, the bill will make the government financially responsible to victims of crime.

At the moment, money awarded by courts is collected from the offender’s property or withheld from his/her wage. Here, the state is nothing more but an intermediary. In practice, this means that an average victim receives nothing: only 16% of court-appointed payouts get recovered.

If the bill becomes a law, damages to the victims of crime will be paid by the government which will try, then, to recoup the expenses from offenders.

The bill concerns ‘general’ crimes. It does not apply to crimes caused to companies. In respect of foreign nationals, the law will operate on the principle of reciprocity. In other words, the compensation will be paid to citizens of those states where a similar rule applies to Russian citizens.