February 10


The year that has gone

RussianLawOnline.Com looks back at what fascinated us most in 2009. Read more: http://www.russianlawonline.com/content/year-has-gone

Evasive bargain

Russia wants to put an end to offshore deals, but doesn’t know how. Read more: http://www.russianlawonline.com/double-tax-treaties-tax-evasion-treaty-s...

Size matters

Whether federal subjects should be bigger. Read more: http://www.russianlawonline.com/content/size-matters

Deep in debt

Russian law encourages borrowing, while it should stimulate equity contributions. Read more: http://www.russianlawonline.com/content/deep-debt

Big brother’s big mouth

Information about individual tax debts is now freely available to anyone. Read more: http://www.russianlawonline.com/content/big-brother’s-big-mouth

Practice notes:

Baker & McKenzie : Tax policy in 2009

Tax policy in 2009 and what to expect in 2010. Read more: http://www.russianlawonline.com/content/baker-mckenzie-tax-policy-2009-w...

Baker & McKenzie : On Trade

Law that will substantially change the rules applicable to trade activities. Read more: http://www.russianlawonline.com/content/baker-mckenzie-trade

KPMG: Conversion of Debt into Equity

It is now possible to convert debt of a company towards the shareholder or a third party into equity. Read more: http://www.russianlawonline.com/content/conversion-debt-equity

Baker & McKenzie : Kyoto Protocol

Rules for Tender Selection of Joint Implementation Projects under Kyoto Protocol. Read more: http://www.russianlawonline.com/content/baker-mckenzie-kyoto-protocol