Court Practice: Bank Guarantees


On 23 March 2012 a Plenary Session of the Supreme Commercial Court approved Resolution No. 14 “On Certain Aspects of the Practice of Resolving Disputes Related to Challenging Bank Guarantees.”

The Resolution clarifies a number of issues related to the issuance of bank guarantees:

  • Bank guarantee is to specify the underlying obligation; this requirement is deemed fulfilled if the guarantee indicates i) the identity of the debtor under obligation; ii) the amount to be paid by the guarantor; and iii) the underlying contract or the nature of the underlying obligation;
  • Bank guarantees issued for a term shorter than the term of an underlying obligation cannot be found invalid on that basis;
  • Bank guarantees may be issued in an e-form through the telecommunication system SWIFT; and
  • The absence of a chief accountant’s signature on a bank guarantee does not invalidate such bank guarantee.

The Resolution is mandatory for lower commercial courts when considering similar issues.

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