No More Child Abduction

Russia has joined the Hague Convention of 25 October 1980 on the Civil Aspects of International Child Abduction which requires countries to send abducted children back to the jurisdiction of their previous residence. This should make legal wrangles relating to the upbringing of children less despicable when a parent smuggles a child into a more favourable country. Russian courts, we believe, will maintain their bias in favour of the local parent. More on disputes over children.


Still more child abductions?


I have been searching for information on whether Russia is actually returning children after ratifying the Hague convention. Public examples of failures to return may be important when facing requests to return children abducted from Russia to other countries.

It's still early but the news on the first reported case to come up, Marianne Grin, so far shows a disregard for the treaty, even in the face seriously alarming concerns about the danger the abductees poses to the children. (I thank others who have pointed me to these links).

The Anna Trotsky case you mention should, in theory, apply additional pressure on Russia to get serious about child abductions instead of being a disgrace.

If anyone has more news about these or other Russia cases, please post so those of us who follow these cases can track them.


Help Bring Julie Home

I really hope that Hague Convention will work and abducted children will reunite with their left behind parents. It is unfortunate in many cases when 1 parent (usually mothers) is looking for easy life in USA. They marry their US citizen spouses, make babies, then suddenly, they get homesick.

However, they don’t realize that attorneys cost money, and actually, they cannot relocate without other parent consent. Sometimes, one parent offers a price for the child’s relocation in form of agreement rejecting child’s support from the other parent, others brake all the rules, engage in criminal activities by lying to the authorities and abduct kids to other country.

Here’s a new case on abduction ( and let’s see how Russia will be willing to follow Hague convention. Today is 1.30.12 and yet mother has not been criminally charged in hope of Hague convention will prevail. All eyes on you Russia! I am a Russian citizen and with all my heart I wish Russia (Moscow) to make 1st step to international standards in family law area.

At the end, it’s in the best interest of a child to know, bond, and have fair access to both parent.

Hague convention - first cases

Does anyone have about whether Russia is genuinely applying the Hague Convention or, as noted in the article, is continuing to act unilaterally in favor of the Russian parent. The only case I have found so faris the article about the case of Marianne Grin, which has received some amount of media attention in the two states involved, Russia and Italy.

The article states that the mother is "a dual US-Russian citizen who was being divorced in Italy by her husband, a US citizen. After the court found Ms. Grin to suffer from serious psychiatric illness, posing a danger to her children, sole custody of the couple’s four children was given to the father. Grin then abducted them to Russia." As the commentary notes, "the outcome of this case will give a tremendous amount of insight into whether Russia has genuinely accepted the obligations which it has signed on to."

I have not been able to find whether a decision has yet been taken on the return of the children to their habitual place of domicile, which in this case is Italy. I agree with the author, however, that the result will be telling as to whether Russia will genuinely implement the convention.