Chemical Castration of Paedophiles

The State Duma, the lower chamber of the Russian Parliament, has toughened legislation against sex crimes. Also, the law, approved today in the last reading, introduces chemical castration of paedophiles. RussianLawOnline.Com wrote about sex offences against children in Russia some time ago.

The law provides mandatory chemical castration of those who committed sexual crimes against children under the age of 14 years. Other sexual offenders will be able to choose castration voluntarily to improve their chances of an early release.

The use of the word ‘castration’ in this context is misleading. Chemical castration is, in essence, a drug that temporarily reduces the offender’s libido.

Repeat offenders against minors will face life imprisonment. Probation and deferred sentences for paedophiles will no longer be available. And the percentage of a sentence a paedophile must serve before being considered for parole has been increased from 75% to 80%.

The important defence that at the time of the crime an offender has to know the age of a child has been removed. This makes the prosecutor’s job much easier.

The law also toughens punishment for child pornography. Those involved in it will go behind bars for up to 15 years.